A Tire Spine for a 30 inch tire weighs in at only 8 lbs (3.62 kg). See below for more weights.  Inserts are size specific and should be purchased based on your desired tire size.

We can customize the the insert to fit your required tire and wheel sizes. Please contact us for more information.


Installation can be done with just a few simple garage items. Check out this video to see how it's done.

Approximate weights by common sizes:

18x10x8= 1.7lbs
19x6x10= 1.6lbs
20x6x10= 1.5lbs
18x10x8= 1.7lbs
20x11x9= 2.1lbs
21x7x10= 1.7lbs
22x11x9= 2.8lbs
23x7x10= 2.5lbs
26x9x14= 4.4lbs
27x9x15= 4.8lbs
28x9x14= 5.4lbs
29x9x15= 6.2lbs
30x10x15= 7.2lbs
Ultra 4 4900= 6.7lbs
Ultra 4 4400,4500,4600 4800= 8.4lbs