Starlink Gen 3 Foam Inserts for Commander 15 Gallon Container

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We have created foam inserts for the (2024 Version) Starlink Gen 3 kit (Non Articulated).  These are foam inserts ONLY for the Lowes Commander 15 Gallon storage container. You must obtain the container yourself, as we cannot supply them. The good news is, this container is much cheaper than the Husky used for Gen 2. However, the new Starlink Gen 3 is nearly 32% bigger than the Gen 2 hardware, so that means a much bigger box, and much more foam.

If your looking for foam inserts for the Starlink Gen 2 Hardware, we have them HERE 

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CAD, and CNC cut Starlink Gen 3 (NON-articulated) (2024 Version) foam inserts for the Lowes Commander 15 Gallon storage container. Foam inserts fit snug in this container keeping your Starlink components safe. And as we joke around here "Bomb Proof!"

Lowes Commander 15 Gallon storage container Details:

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  • 15 Gallon/60 Quart
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Video description here:

The images are from our own Starlink RV system and the box is perfect! We put it in the RV storage and don't worry about at all while traveling!

Commander container NOT sold with foam. You can purchase those from your local big box store such as Lowes.

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